Costs of running the system in the cloud

Deploying this system on Amazon Web Services (AWS) incurs a monthly cost for AWS service usage.

In particular, the cost breakdown is roughly:

  • $382/mo - Per user costs for running the Horta client on AppStream
  • $277/mo - Back-end services running on EC2 (with Savings Plan)
  • $76/mo - Storage (3 TB) for one sample image on S3
  • $34/mo - Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Therefore, the minimum total cost per month for a single user would be about $770 ($9,237/year). For 2 users, the monthly cost would be $1130 ($13,570/year), etc. The full estimate can be found here.

We are assuming 8 hours of tracing per day, 5 days a week. If the system is not used for 8 hours a day, the cost will be less. You can dial in your own expected usage in the AWS calculator for an accurate cost estimate.

Last modified September 14, 2022: cleaned up AWS docs, added costs (a787108)